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Thank you for choosing Rockit Cool delid service. To make things as smooth as possible, please have a look at these instructions.


Basic steps:

  1. Place order on website, selecting the options you wish to include
  2. Make photos of CPU
  3. Package the CPU securely
  4. Send the CPU to us with instructions, name and address inside

Detailed steps:

  1. We highly suggest that you take photos of your CPU. 6 angles minimum. One from top, one from bottom and one from each side to show the edges of the CPU. This is for your security and ours.
  2. Securely package your CPU remembering that the shipping services can be brutal. Original packing is very good so if you have it, use it. Be sure to include something with your name and address and a brief description of what you want done including what TIM you prefer. (we have most all of them)
  3. Ship the CPU to us here at Rockit Cool. See address below.
  4. After selecting the shipping service that you wish to use, create the shipping label and email us here with the order number and tracking number.
  5. Once we receive your package, we will email you to confirm.



Shipping Address:

Rockit Cool
11311 Jones Rd W.
Houston, TX 77065