Thank you for choosing Rockit Cool delid service. To make things as smooth as possible, please have a look at these instructions.


Basic steps:

  1. Place order on website, selecting the options you wish to include
  2. Optional - Make photos of CPU
  3. Package the CPU securely
  4. Send the CPU to us with instructions, name and address inside
  5. Once complete, shipped to you via FedEx 2nd day

Detailed steps:

  1. We highly suggest that you take photos of your CPU. This is for your security and ours.
  2. Regarding shipping. You, the customer, are responsible for the shipping to us. The shipping option on the product page is for shipping back to you. 
    We include FedEx 2nd day shipping in the price, If you want something else, pick what you want at checkout other wise pick "First Class Mail" since that is the free shipping option.
  3. Securely package your CPU remembering that the shipping services can be brutal. Original packing is very good so if you have it, use it. Be sure to include something with your name and address and a brief description of what you want done including what TIM you prefer. (we have most all of them)
  4. Ship the CPU to us here at Rockit Cool. I suggest you add insurance!! See address below.
  5. Email us here with the order number and tracking number.
  6. Once we receive your package, we will email you to confirm.
  7. Once complete we will ship the CPU along with all that came with it, including the stock IHS (We don't usually include the box on 12th gens since it's so big)
  8. Please, include something in the box that shows who you are. The name you used on the order, the order number, something, because too many times we've received a box with no note and the customer used UPS shipping which doesn't include any name on the label. The only way we had to identify it was the tracking number and that only works if you send us the tracking number. So, take a few seconds and write down the name or print out the email we sent to you when you ordered.


Shipping Address:

Rockit Cool
11311 Jones Rd W., STE N
Houston, TX 77065