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Copper UPGRADE Kit - Intel 9th Gen

Copper UPGRADE KIT for Intel 9th Gen


We combined our delid tool and our copper IHS to make the Copper Upgrade Kit.

Delid your CPU and relid with our precision CNC machined Copper IHS for lower temps and higher overclocks.


  • Rockit 88 delid tool
  • 100% pure Oxygen Free Copper IHS
  • Includes Quicksilver Solder Remover
  • Includes all relid guides
  • All bolts and wrenches needed.
  • Does NOT include adhesive or TIM
  • Fits all 9th Gen CPUs i5, i7 & i9 (For 9400 use LGA1151 Kit)
  • Guide on how to easily remove solder from the CPU
  • Liquid Metal Application guide TEMPLATE



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Copper UPGRADE Kit - Intel 9th Gen
Copper UPGRADE Kit - Intel 9th Gen